Indra Navia’s Runway Status Light technology at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Wins Jane’s ATC Runway Award

As the developer and supplier of the Runway Status Light (RWSL) processing system at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, Indra Navia would like to congratulate DSNA, Groupe ADP, and partners Air France, EasyJet, EUROCONTROL, SESAR JU for winning the Runway Award with their project “RWSL" for Paris – Charles de Gaulle (CDG).
“We would like to thank DSNA, DTI and ADP for the opportunity of working together on both the A-SMGCS and RWSL systems,” says Elin Blakstad, Director of Tower Systems at Indra Navia.

With the RWSL system, pilots and vehicle drivers have more situational awareness and can make runways even safer. The purpose of the RWSL system is to prevent accidents by warning the pilot or vehicle driver when the runway is unsafe to enter, and to warn the pilot of a departing aircraft that it is unsafe to take off because the runway is currently occupied or about to be occupied by entering or crossing traffic.