HungaroControl Selects Indra Navia'€™s NOVA 9000 Remote Tower Solution

An agreement has just been signed between HungaroControl, the national air navigation service provider of Hungary, and Indra Navia AS, the world leading air traffic management solution provider from Norway, for the delivery of several NOVA 9000 technologies from Indra Navia’€™s complete portfolio of Automated, Integrated, and Remote Tower Solutions.

Indra Navia’s NOVA 9000 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) will be installed at the remote tower facility (rTWR) at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (LHBP). To further enhance ground surveillance and control, Indra Navia will also deliver an upgrade of the multilateration (MLAT) system and integration, control and monitoring of the airfield ground lighting (AGL) system. Indra Navia will also be responsible for the related civil works together with Hungarian partners.

The rTWR will be capable of controlling all traffic at LHBP in all weather conditions with the same capacity as currently possible using the existing control tower (TWR). To achieve this, all TWR equipment will be duplicated in the rTWR. Additional equipment will be added to facilitate visualisation.

Indra Navia’s delivery is a complete and upgraded A-SMGCS that will be installed in the rTWR. Also a part of the delivery, is an airport video camera system that is installed at carefully selected locations around the runways, together with a 4×8 video display wall for reproducing the out-of-the-window view (OTW).

HungaroControl Selects Indra Navia'€™s NOVA 9000 Remote Tower Solution

Adding Value to Hungarian Air Traffic Control

Centrally located in Europe, HungaroControl’€™s core activity is to provide safe and efficient air navigation services; En-route Control, Terminal Control, Simulation and Training, in Hungary and in certain contracted airspaces outside Hungary where guaranteeing flight safety is an absolute priority over commercial, operational, environmental and social considerations.

We are proud to be a part of HungaroControl’€™s pioneering remote tower plans and the opportunity to add value to Hungarian air traffic control. Indra Navia sees the award of the rTWR system by HungaroControl as an appreciation of our shared goals and our leading role as supplier of integrated airport tower systems, specifically within remote towers. Integrated NOVA 9000 solutions are in operation at some of the world’€™s busiest airports. We are excited to offer the same proven levels of integrity and high performance in new applications, says Eldar Hauge, President & CEO of Indra Navia AS in Norway.

HungaroControl’€™s ATM director, Mr. Gyula Hangyál, is equally enthusiastic: “€œThe rTWR project is very important to us and having worked with Indra Navia for many years, we are convinced that they are the right company to work with us into the future of integrated remote tower operations.”


HungaroControl is one of the most successful state-owned companies in Hungary, which provides air navigation services in the Hungarian airspace and (on a NATO assignment) the upper airspace over Kosovo, trains air control personnel and conducts air navigation research and development.

HungaroControl provides navigation services in Hungary’€™s air space and it offers basic and advanced training for air control personnel. Some 600,000 flights are controlled by the Company each year, about 80% of which are overflights across the territory of Hungary, while some 90,000 flights land at or take off from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Accordingly, during the busiest periods an aircraft enters Hungary’s air space once every 30-40 seconds.